Round bale drying infovideo

And for the round bale drying segment, we can offer a drying system for round bale drying that achieves uniquely low drying costs. And even though when drying loose hay it is possible to reduce costs by approximately a further 20% compared to round bale drying, this method of drying has been widely used for quite some time and has become quite significant.

Learn about our round bale drying system in this short video. Our sales representatives would be happy to show you the extended version of the film as well.

Our Trial Harvest video follows the process of round bale drying in Seekirchen near Salzburg where the drying costs were monitored by independent observers (Prof Wirleitner and the Raumberg Gumpenstein research institution). In this independent trial, the drying costs were between 0.7 to 1.7 cent per kg of hay.

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