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Hay Drying Systems by Heutrocknung SR

Why mechanical hay drying?

Hay drying by machine offers numerous advantages over conventional hay production. With the right system, you can derive the utmost benefits from this technological advancement. We have set ourselves the goal of producing these systems for you in accordance with our basic principles, namely worthwhile living and being profitable, sustainable and natural.

What are the benefits?

  • 24 hours to bring in the hay
  • No need to worry about the weather
  • No stress during planning
  • Turn hay only twice
  • High efficacy for faster harvests
  • Higher milk yields – hay loses a lot of nutrients when it is dried conventionally in the sun, as it needs to be turned more often (causing leaves to break off and small crumbs to be lost). These disadvantages do not occur with mechanical drying.
  • No fungal infestations in feeds from wet hay
  • No more farmer’s lung
  • High performance speeds up the harvesting process

What happens to the food quality?

  • contains more nutrients in the hay
  • less supplementary feeding of concentrates
  • healthier animals - lower veterinarian costs
  • milk yield remains the same during winter feeding

Hay drying and efficiency factor

The fundamentals for modern, energy-efficient hay drying include:

  • Air flow with internal air circuit, and hood extraction, or a combination of both
  • Dehumidification adapted to the fan
  • Pressure-resistant fan and an appropriate box size

Our series of hay drying systems is developed and implemented with precisely these considerations in mind and using state-of-the-art technology. Our smart, fully automatic central PLC control system ensures that the drying system works at its most efficient operating point at any time. Efficient operation of the fan and dehumidifier is implemented via speed controls and the use of frequency converters, which are also controlled by the central system.

More than an air circuit

The airflow (internal air circuit or hood extraction) is selected depending on where the temperature is highest. Smart switching between airflows is essential if optimal energy efficiency is to be achieved. The central HSR control performs this feature fully automatically, even without roof flaps when the new shutter technology is implemented.

The sophisticated dehumidifier heat pump is put to optimal use when operating the system with the internal air circuit. Without air dehumidification, air humidity levels equalise, and the air does not become drier despite ventilation. When using hood extraction in the three-way system, the intelligent HSR central control decides whether the air from the hood extractor passes through the dehumidifier or is blown back into the haystack. This allows the system to work even more efficiently.

Apart from the reduction in relative humidity, the air is also warmed, which allows the hay to be dried to its final condition. The temperature increases as air passes repeatedly through the circuit. Yet another benefit of the central PLC control system is that the drying process can be displayed on a monitor.
This allows operators to determine clearly when the hay is completely dry. The HSR remote maintenance module even allows the process to be monitored via a smartphone or tablet!

Why Heutrocknung SR?

Choose the pioneers in mechanical drying technology. Our drying systems are protected by a number of patents and offer outstanding performance with low energy consumption. Our technology brings you tomorrow’s innovations today. Development and testing on our own farm enables us to guarantee optimum functionality of our systems, and we also bear the cost of research and development work ourselves so it is not transferred to the customer.

We support you from the design stage through planning to construction itself, ensuring that your drying system is optimised to your needs. Through targeted customer training, we familiarise you with all the key facts and useful information that will help you get the best out of your drying system.
With a network of service partners throughout Europe, we can always be with you quickly whenever you need us, providing you with all the support you need.

  • hay drying systems using newest state-of-the-art technology
  • low-loss preservation of the drying goods
  • low power consumption
  • Evaporator with patented technology
  • for all size of farms – whether loose, round bales, crops, herbs or hops drying
  • energy efficiency during the drying process by PLC control
  • all designs also available as a compact system – lower costs, simpler installation, no need to build a fan chamber
  • individual design planning
  • full support during planning and construction
  • targeted customer training

HSR is scientifically confirmed

A wide range of characteristics and the effectiveness of the HSR drying systems are continuously tested and scientifically confirmed under real conditions, through trial harvests in collaboration with the research institute Raumberg-Gumpenstein.

This reflects our standard for constant improvement and optimisation of our systems perfectly. Numerous findings and improvements were already possible stemming from this important research work, and there are more to come in the future.

More about this in our hay blog (partly in German):

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