Round bale drying

Besides the possibility to dry hay mechanically in a haybox, round bales can naturally be dried too. Drying round bales has mainly logistical and space-saving advantages.


Benefits of round bale drying:

  • Round bales need less space
  • It's not necessary to build a designated hay hall
  • No need to buy a hay crane
  • Logistical transport advantages (e.g. if the hay is being sold)

Round bale drying makes sense if you already own the equipment for round bales (press, no hay hall, etc.) In such a case, the higher costs are definitely worth it. The scope of the round bale system is dependent on the size of the operation. We are happy to help you with planning and will customise your system to your needs.

Our hay drying systems are the technological basis for implementation. Planning services are a further important fundamental ingredient for our customer's drying success - and that is what is vital! That is why each of our customers receive comprehensive planning documents.

Pressing round bale hay correctly

Correct round bale drying is significantly harder than drying hay or grummet in attic drying systems. The feed should have thicker stems in order to achieve better ventilation. However, this characteristic is not desirable in terms of feeding quality.  

Densely pressed balls exploit the storage space, however they dry a lot slower. Due to this, loosely pressed bales could be taken out of the system after 12 to 16 hours, while 40% tighter pressed bales were only storage-dry after 36 hours. Particularly fine feed (last cut, grummet, permanent pasture and meadow grass) have to be pressed loosely, whilst coarser stemmed feed can be packed more densely. (120 to 135 kg TM/m3).

Source:, Raumberg Gumpenstein, Inst. Boku, Vienna


Further information

You are interested in further details of our hay drying systems? Find out more about our systems, how they work, their technical details and the wide range of our standard equipment.

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Successful in operation

Our systems for round bale drying have been tried and tested and have been proved successful with customers all over the world. Read more about our systems in practice on farms in our hay blog:

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