Loose drying

The fundamental conditions for smooth hay drying without complications is a functioning hay box. Due to new developments, building a hay box has significantly changed in recent years. 

Reversing flaps on the ventilator are par for the course - as well as using round instead of square timber for placing the steel mats on. 

Drying the hay in a haybox is generally seen as easier than drying in round bales. Every newly built hay drying system should have built-in hood suction! 


Advantages over round bale drying method:

  • generally easier to dry than in round bales (material density)
  • less work intensive (no pressing, no rolling out the bales) 
  • easier feeding process using the hay crane hole straight into the stables


Loose hay drying without hood suction

Contrary to the claims of competitors, loose hay drying without hood suction or external power works perfectly with our air dehumidifying system. This has been confirmed by practical application.

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Further information

You are interested in further details of our hay drying systems? Find out more about our systems, how they work, their technical details and the wide range of our standard equipment.

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Successful in operation

Our systems for loose hay drying have been tried and tested and have been proved successful with customers all over the world. Read more about our systems in practice on farms in our hay blog:

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