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Biomass log stove

With our log stove, we offer a cost-effective alternative to our Biomass wood chip stove. True to our motto, “From the farmer, for the farmer”, we offer products which, thanks to the large combustion chambers, provide added comfort for the farmer for up to 8 hours of heating.

Log stove features at a glance


High safety thanks to the water:air system


Large side filling door for 1-metre logs


Integration into the HSR comfort control


App for remote maintenance of the log stove


Automatic ignition


Space and cost-efficient thanks to output storage


Mobile container system


Large combustion chamber and long heating duration (up to 8 hours)


Multiple use (hay drying, hall heating, and more)


For drying hay, maize, herbs, and more


Comfort ash pan for dust-free disposal


Lambda sensor with fuel quality detection


No space requirement inside the building


Wind and weather protection


Long service life thanks to robust construction and integrated return hold-up


Speed-controlled induced draught fan


Fully fireclayed high-performance combustion chamber


Simple cleaning

Alternative: Pellets oven

As an alternative to the lump-size stove, pellets can also be used. We can also offer appropriate oven models for this purpose in cooperation with our partner

A variety of uses for the mobile log stove

Logs are burnt using lambda-controlled wood gasifier technology. The lambda-controlled and speed-regulated induced draft fan guarantees high efficiency (over 94% - depending on the model). The heat generated is indirectly introduced into our HSR system using a hot water heating coil upstream of the fan. This prevents direct heating of the drying air through the log stove and ensures additional safety, as no sparks can reach the hay to be dried from the combustion chamber via the hot water.

Our log stove is controlled through our Vario central control. In addition, the log stove has its own control system including a modern APP connection for convenient remote maintenance.

A rapid temperature increase of 10 degrees and above in the recirculation system, along with a rapid temperature increase in the starting phase, causes a significant increase in water separation at the dehumidifier. This makes a log kiln an efficient system extension of our HSR dehumidifier drying technology. Especially as we have been using existing woodchip heating, biogas and also generator waste heat with louvres and heating registers in a targeted, controlled manner for drying for several years now.

Our log stoves are available at 49 kW and 115 kW.

System extension log stove

A log stove is a space-saving and cost-minimised solution for generating warm drying air. The unit load oven is supplied in a finished container design. This makes the system mobile and weather-protected, so it can be used as variably as possible for drying hay, heating buildings (chicken coop, warehouse, workshop, marquee, and so on).

Heat transfer takes place through hot water district heating pipes, which makes the drying process very safe and prevents sparks from flying. This also prevents serious heat loss. A hot water heating coil for heating the air upstream of the fan guarantees fire-safe heating of the drying air.


Cost-effective alternative

Many farmers operate a forestry business and would like to use their own wood as a highly cheap energy source for drying hay and other goods in a reliable, non-hazardous manner with a log stove. In contrast to a wood chip kiln, there is no need to chop the material in the lump material kiln. In addition, waste wood can be better utilised as general cargo.

Similar to the hot water wood stove, the log stove can also be operated as an independent system with a heating coil, including an integrated fan. A buffer tank can also be built into the container. This buffer tank ensures a low heat demand can be called up and the boiler can therefore always run in the appropriate mode. As a mobile container system, they are especially flexible.


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