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HSR Tajfun hay crane

The HSR hay crane has been developed in cooperation with Tajfun, the forestry crane manufacturer. The combination of many years' experience in forestry coupled with the efforts and wishes of the hay farmers with 30 years' practical experience have resulted in  a new generation of hay cranes. The HSR hay crane can be summed up in three words – robust, high-performance and efficient.

Hay crane

Detailed overview of a HSR hay crane


Ingenious configuration concept


Reinforced mountings in comparison with predecessor models


Minimised noise and thermal load


Easily accessible grease nipples for easy maintenance


Minimised torsion by means of the swing crane above the frame structure


17-ton stacking chain for increased demands


Thrust arm end position switch-off


Spring-loaded accumulator damped removable crane arm


Air conditioning and heating for maximum comfort


Load-sensing technology for sensitive control


Interior hydraulic lines to protect the lines


180° high swivel mechanism for ease of placing the round bales


With optimum grab extension – up to 12 m³ loading volume per lifting unit.


In up to about a third of closed grabs 83 cm long special tines prevent material becoming tangled in the grid unit.


Self-winding relay for smooth travel


Optional: radio remote control

Hay crane diagram with pressure filter, recuperator valve, drive wheels, silent running pumps and hydraulic hoses

15 Highlights

Hay bales can be set down easily using the swing-up device

180° high swivel mechanism

180° high swivel mechanism

The special geometry of the 180° high swivel mechanism facilitates placing the hay bales at the head end when the crane jib is lowered. This simplifies the stacking of round bales.

The robust double flyer chain ensures adequate stability and enhanced operational safety

17-ton stacking chain

17-ton stacking chain

The robust double flyer chain ensures adequate stability and a high degree of operational safety all year round. The know-how for this has been used many times in forestry.

The 83-centimetre-long tines have a special curvature

83 cm long special tines

83 cm long special tines

The 83 cm long special tines have a specific curvature, which prevents the crane tines from becoming tangled in the box structure.

The grab can be widened by two or four tines without the need for tools

Grab extensions

Grab extensions

The grab can be extended by one or two tines without the use of tools. This means that, at the maximum expansion stage, a loading volume of 12 m³ of hay can be lifted.

A comfortably equipped crane cab ensures the operator can enjoy working safely

Enclosed cab

Enclosed cab

The HSR hay crane can be ordered with an enclosed cab. In the Premium model the cab is fitted with windscreen wipers, radio, heating, air conditioning, drinks holder, sash windows in the access doors and much more.

Crane arm with triple extension

2x and 3x extension

2x and 3x extension

The HSR hay crane can be ordered with a 2x and 3x telescopic arm. With a reach of up to 12.5 metres this hay crane can also be used in large hay barns.

HSR Hay crane series | 2-fold and 3-fold extension

Equipment of HSR hay cranes

Tips for installation / crane assembly

The assembly of the hay crane depends on the conditions in the hay barn. HSR Heutrocknung offers solutions for mounting on the chair clamp, mounting on the structural timbers and mounting with girder panel. Our field personnel will be pleased to visit your farm to advise you which type of rail suspension is suitable for your hay crane and/or your structural factors.

The HSR Tajfun hay crane can be installed by our trained servicing staff, assigned to a third-party firm or you can install it independently.

Maintenance, servicing and warranty

The HSR hay cranes are supplied with a one year's warranty. The hay crane is supplied with a service record. The crane must be service regularly by a certified technician and the service entered in the service record.

Scope of delivery

With each HSR hay crane you receive:

  • One abseiling package: This must be carried in the hay crane and allows you to abseil down from the hay crane in an emergency.
  • Labels and stickers: The scope of delivery contains all the necessary warning notices, which must be affixed in clearly visible positions on the hay crane and in the hay barn.
  • Manual: A crane manual in the respective national language.
  • Service Log: Regular inspections and maintenance work must be performed on your hay crane and noted in the service record. This will guarantee long life expectancy.

Signage and TÜV crane acceptance

When the crane is delivered you receive all the panels, signs and stickers prescribed by law in the respective national language required. The customer must affix these in the respective places. These signs are required by the inspector for acceptance at the legal crane acceptance. We therefore recommend that the signs are affixed in accordance with the regulations.

Crane acceptance must be carried out by a certified inspector. HSR delivers and mounts the crane. The operator of the crane system is responsible for crane acceptance and the permission to drive the crane. If you do not have an inspector to hand, we will be happy to recommend a certified inspector in your vicinity.

Crane rails and barn static equilibrium

The customer or his builder is responsible for calculating the barn static equilibrium and the choice of rails. A data specification sheet for this calculation can be requested from the HSR field personnel.

Point in time for mounting the crane

The point in time of mounting the crane is decisive for the smooth mounting of the crane. Therefore the crane rails must be suspended immediately after the installation of the barn girders and prior to superimposing the roof.

Before the interior fitting of the hay barn can begin, the hay crane MUST be mounted and the crane rails secured. At this point in time an electrical connection must already be installed, so that a test drive of the hay crane can be conducted.

A comprehensive list of all the individual operations in the correct chronological order is available for the barn construction.

Accessories for the hay crane

Crane cab

Crane cab of the HSR hay crane


Bale grab

Comfort seat, Leather seat, air conditioning

Air conditioning and heating ensure the crane cabin temperature is always comfortable

Remote control

Radio remote control for the HSR hay crane

Optional: Thermal imaging camera

Even distribution of the material to be dried is a basic prerequisite of mechanical hay drying. The thermal imaging camera allows you to detect compressed areas with ease. The mobile thermal imaging camera can be successfully used from the crane. A support ensures ease in alternating between the crane joystick and the thermal imaging camera.

Optional: Crane mounting

We will be pleased to undertake the mounting of the crane for you. Our trained specialists have the appropriate certificates. As a coordinated team we are able to perform the work quickly. Our comprehensive construction fleet has a service bus, a truck a with trailer and a 40 t hoisting crane.

Optional: Servicing

Changing the oil, changing the filters, etc. should be carried out at least once annually. We recommend a service before the start of the hay season. We will be pleased to undertake the annual service on your hay crane. In April every year we embark on a grand servicing tour. This reduces the call-out charge for each individual and you are ready for the first cut.

Optional: Remote control

We offer optional radio remote control for the HSR hay crane. This makes it possible to control the crane from the ground. All the features can be used by means of three control levers. If this is of interest to you, please contact our sales team.

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