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HSR Tajfun Hay Crane

This hay crane knows no boundaries!

A powerful hay crane system is indispensable for effective hay drying. The HSR Tajfun crane exceeds all expectations for this new revolutionary technology and makes the impossible possible. The new HSR hay crane has been designed with a new concept to state-of-the-art technology and the highest convenience, combined with unbeatable value for money. It is now possible, for instance to lower an arm vertically by 90° and pick up a round bale lying on the ground and to turn it by 90° to position it cylindrically.

The full range of equipment at a glance:

  • 8 and 12 metre-tons (static design of the crane)
  • NEW: push arm end position switch-off, spring mechanism damped crane arm uplift, air conditioning and heating for maximum comfort
  • New configuration concept and new drive wheels
  • Minimised noise and thermal load
  • Minimised torsion by means of the swing crane above the frame structure
  • Vario 17 ton double flyer chain for maximum load
  • Vario LOAD SENSING technology
  • 180° high swivel mechanism
  • Grab up to 12m³ loading volume
  • 83 cm long special tines

The improvements make the HSR hay crane even more efficient and fast. Thanks to the third extension they cope with ease with ever greater, hitherto insurmountable distances!

We have two HSR Tajfun series so that you can find the right hay crane for your needs. The S Line has a maximum range of 7 to 10.5 metres and a bearing load of 4 to 8 metre-tons. The VARIO series has a range of 9 to 14 metres and a maximum bearing load of 5 to 10 metre-tons. Thus, the HSR Taijfun with its interior cabling is available as a crane arm with double or the sensational new triple extension. This extra extension makes it possible to overcome enormous distances with one running speed, unrivalled in the industry.

S-LINE Series

double Tele. triple Tele. Statics
HSR 70.24 HSR 70.34 4 mt
HSR 90.24 HSR 90.34 4 mt
HSR 70.25 HSR 70.35 5 mt
HSR 90.25 HSR 90.35 5 mt
HSR 90.26 HSR 90.36 6 mt
HSR 105.26 HSR 105.36 6 mt
HSR 90.27 HSR 90.37 7 mt
HSR 105.27 HSR 105.37 7 mt


Vario Series

double Tele. triple Tele. Statics
HSR 90.25 HSR 90.35 5 mt
HSR 105.25 HSR 105.35 5 mt
HSR 90.26 HSR 90.36 6 mt
HSR 105.26 HSR 105.36 6 mt
HSR 125.26 HSR 125.36 6 mt
HSR 105.27 HSR 105.37 7 mt
HSR 125.27 HSR 125.37 7 mt
HSR 105.28 HSR 105.38 8 mt
HSR 125.28 HSR 125.38 8 mt
HSR 140.2X HSR 140.3X 10 mt


Individual solutions on request: whether you need remote control, specific crane rail management, individual joystick configuration or custom-made parts for the grab, we develop custom-built models for you.

Range of grippers

Expanded tines

Expanded tines

Increase the number of your tines to up to 18 tines to allow your crane to lift 12m³ hay.

Forestry claw

Forestry claw

Various designs of forestry claw for the hydraulic tractor crane.

Extra grabs

Extra grabs

For our hay cranes we offer bale grabs, crane buckets and much more.

Various remote control options


Ground remote control

Control your hay crane from the ground. Customisable assignments.


EHC remote control

EHC control with two joysticks for hydraulic tractor cranes/timber trailers.

2 Hebel-Fernsteuerung

2-lever remote control

2-lever on/off EURO control for hydraulic tractor cranes/timber trailers.

Other products

Premium cab

Premium cab

The Premium package for the HSR hay crane offers a number of comfort options for your everyday work.


Radio remote control

Radio remote control for the crane arm of the hydraulic tractor crane/timber trailer.

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