Hay Crane HSR Tajfun Series

When it comes to effective hay drying, an effective hay crane is irreplaceable. Therefore, we have developed a completely new hay crane of the highest comfort, with an entirely new concept at the cutting edge of technology combined with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The basis for the crane concept is the tried and tested boom arm from the timber industry. Internal wiring and thrust arm cylinder ensure the sensitive technology is fully protected and thereby for maximised lifespan.

An entirely new arrangement of suspension, engine, hydraulics and cab provides unforgettable comfort through lower sound and heat loads, optimum stability and perfect weight distribution. The hay crane Tajfun already speaks for itself with its extensive and unique standard equipment, available at a sensational price.

At the same time, the established concept of the HSR hay crane Tajfun with its internal wiring is available as a crane arm with double or with the sensational new triple extension. This further extension allows reach over tremendous distances at a truly outstanding operational speed.

The totally new hydraulic proportional Danfoss control unit allows even more sensitive and comfortable operation of the hay crane, and sets completely new standards in hay technology.

These improvements will make HSR hay cranes faster and even more powerful. The third extension will enable you to cover with ease larger distances that were previously impossible!

Developed from practical experience for practical use: the completely new HSR Tajfun crane design exceeds every expectation of this new, revolutionary technology. This crane series makes the previously impossible possible. It is now possible to lift a round bale lying on its side with the arm lowered vertically at 90° and to stand it up cylindrically at 90°.

Specially curved prongs prevent scratching along the ground and hay-drying floor grids being damaged even when the grapple is two-thirds open, for example. With the right handling even the piercing of ventilation ducts can be minimised.

The finer aspects of joystick control can be adjusted with just the click of a mouse to meet the customer’s individual requirements.

Series equipment on the Tajfun hay crane at a glance

Joystick-Steuerung des HSR Heukran Tajfuns
  • Entirely new concept
  • Boom arm positioned centrally in the slewing ring
  • Choose between double or triple extension of the boom arm
  • Engine and hydraulics right of the boom arm ensuring low noise and balanced stability
  • Cab left of boom arm ensuring less engine noise when the cab is open and no thermal load from the hydraulics
  • Glass partition in the cab of the crane tower with the engine and hydraulics
  • All wiring and cylinders inside the arm
  • Rapid thrust with 17-tonne industrial chain
  • Up to 50% more capacity thanks to larger fork and longer, more stable tines
  • Grabber with quick connection can be adjusted in length and depth
  • Chopping unit with grabber lift action
  • Continuous rotating slewing ring
  • 7-way proportional joystick control
  • 7 control units
  • New Danfoss LS control unit
  • Pre-installation for wireless radio control of the entire crane
  • Four powerful headlamps with the latest LED technology


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