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dehumidifier series

The new ECO SD dehumidifier series is designed for all farmers who place high importance on comprehensive control with top quality drying components.
Accordingly, the ECO SD Series has been equipped with the same 2mm registers as the professional series: VARIO ELITE.

In addition, the affordable ECO SD Series features compressors by renowned manufacturers, anaconda lines, an aluminium drip tray and a Teflon coating. A large door ensures high comfort when cleaning and the insulating panels. The panels prevent the build-up of condensation outside on the dehumidifier. This averts damage to the cable and the formation of mould.

ECO SD air dehumidifier


This cost-effective dehumidifier series is the ideal gentle introduction to hay drying.
Whether it’s for loose hay drying or for round bales -.
ECO SD also allows you to make beautiful hay even when the sun’s not shining.

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