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Compact systems

Plug in and play

The new plug-in and play solutions make installation of the HSR compact systems easier than ever. Ingenious technology combines massive clout and very little space.

The smooth surfaces allow the air to flow smoothly, leading to significantly higher energy efficiency. On one hand the insulated panels ensure that heat loss is minimised in the drying process and on the other guarantee a significant reduction in noise.

All the compact systems are pre-wired ex works, can be loaded by forklifts or loaders and are therefore immediately operational. All you need to do in the farmyard is connect to the power supply and drying can begin.

Two innovative designs

  • Compact design
  • Tower solution

The compact system is equipped with the following features:

  • The compact system is equipped with the following features:
  • Lightweight construction in aluminium
  • Single and multiple container design
  • No need to construct a fan chamber
  • Mobile drying system
  • Can be loaded by forklift and crane
  • Pre-wired
  • Immediately operational

With a compact system there is no need for elaborate planning and construction of the fan chamber. The compact systems can be made to order for all sizes of farm (small farms with 3 ha up to large farms with 25,000 ha). Each system is adapted to suit your individual needs. This means that S Line or VARIO components can be connected. The PLC control unit is also regulated solely to your wishes and requirements.

Our field personnel will be delighted to advise you on the dimensions and design best suited to your needs.

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