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Demonstration facility

Experience our products live in action

See their benefits and the outstanding quality of the resulting drying products for yourself.

We have built a demonstration facility at the Bartlbauer farm in the Fisslthal valley so you can experience the development and opportunities of hay drying systems first-hand. Bartlbauer manager Sepp Reindl trialled the system on his own farm for eight years before launching the first hay drying systems on the market in 2009.

We want to share the opportunities offered by a modern, efficient hay drying system with you and will therefore continually showcase the latest technological developments in hay drying with you on his farm, up close and in real time.

The conditions you see there are real – this is not an artificial laboratory environment. What you see there is our hay drying process live in action, how it works and how it is applied in real, everyday farming practice.

A report in our hay blog recounts the first step on the exhibition farm and impressive videos give a glimpse into hay-making.

To the hay blog report

Additional advantages of the demonstration facility


It allows new developments to be thoroughly tested.


Only optimised, mature systems are included in our product portfolio.


This is where every new HSR hay crane series is tested and optimised.

“From farmer to farmer”.

Denn unserer Ansicht nach ist es ein Zeichen höchster Qualitätsansprüche, wenn neue Produkte nicht erst beim Kunden getestet werden.

A new catalogue and a video with many references bears witness to the success story of Heutrocknung SR. Our systems are installed on small farms of the order of three hectares up to several hundred hectares for a multitude of drying purposes, which seem to us to be limitless. We have already produced drying concepts for farms with 1,000 ha and more.

Überzeugen auch Sie sich von der außerordentlichen Schlagkraft und der hervorragenden Funktionsweise unserer Systeme. Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen, wir beraten Sie gerne. Unsere Außendienstmitarbeiter sind gerne für Sie da.


Usage area 59 ha meadows
Cattle inventory 60 milk cows+ 70 calves (male + female)
Drying system SR 115 VARIO ELITE Air dehumidifier
1120 / 37kW VARIOs Ventilator
VARIO Komfort 12 central control system
Hay crane HSR Tajfun 105.28 with triple extension, closed comfort cab and fully equipped*
Special features Presentation room next to the hay drying and over the milk robot.
Transparent and walk-in hay drying boxes and drying rooms.

* The continuing further development of the hay crane may entail a different model currently being displayed at the show farm. Open cabin complete with radio remote control, 3-fold extension, and far more. If you would like to see a particular model, please enquire in advance which hay crane is currently assembled the show farm.

Would you like to find out more about our products, our show farm, the hay quality we have gained or our working methods? If so, make an appointment for the show farm now. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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