The largest HSR air dehumidifier comes into operation

HSR sets the next milestone with the new and currently largest air dehumidifier, the HSR200. Drying boxes of up to 500 m2 are no problem here; they can be dried effortlessly with this extraordinarily powerful drier, thereby creating the best HSR quality hay.

The first dehumidifier in this series moved into an over 22 m wide and 72 m long hay barn a few days ago. The HSR assembly team also coped with these extraordinary dimensions and lifted the 80 kW ventilator first into place, and then the air dehumidifier with its impressive length of over 8 m was also lifted into its final position on the floor above. Once again, HSR’s own 41 m crane, which is mounted directly onto the HSR lorry, was used for this.

The control of the drying process of the in total five hay boxes is performed in an intelligent manner using a Vario control unit. This allows a perfect drying result with minimum energy consumption in the shortest possible time.

Naturally, the barn would not be complete without an HSR hay crane. Such Vario premium equipment will fill and re-empty the hay boxes in the future.

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