Plant exchange for the Schwandner family in Lengau

In 2014, because the periods of fine weather were becoming shorter, the Schwandner hay pasture milk business in Lengau purchased its first hay drying plant.

Theory and Practice

The first plant was not purchased from HSR, but from one of our competitors, which advertised the plant on the Schwandner farm as a reference project.

However, the Schwandner family actually found the drying results rather disappointing.

It was impossible to achieve the required good hay quality in the poor weather conditions, for which the hay drying plant had been purchased.

Over a period of two years our competitor tried many solutions and as recently as May this year an additional ventilator was installed. Success still eluded them. Hay rotted and hay had to be bought in.

Explanations were sought from our competitor, but none were discovered. It appeared that the fault lay in the lack of any hood suction or in the fact that the barn was too high. There seemed no other way to explain the predicament.

Nonetheless, our competitors continued to present the plant as a reference project to numerous interested prospective customers.

Fortune in misfortune

The Schwandner family's farm is located in close proximity to our new branch. The proprietor, Josef Reindl made the Schwandners a neighbourly offer: to exchange their plant, free of charge, for a HSR system, which used the identical electrical power connection ( with the same poor conditions, e.G. the lack of hood suction and the same high-ceilinged barn, etc.). The Schwandners were delighted to take him up on his offer. The conversion was finished within three days - and in the same short period the difference from the old plant from our competitor, which was in fact actually brad new, was felt just a s quickly. The hay already in the drying box was saved; in fact new hay was spread on top of it and dried completely in the same drying process.

Despite rain and an outdoor temperature of only 10°C the entire cut was completely dry in just four days. Fit for storage, rich in nutrients and because of the short drying period, extremely cost-effective.

When Josef Reindl asked Mr. Schwandner whether anyone had ever done him such a great favour in all his life, Mr. Schwandner replied, "No, never, until now!"

What does the Schwandner say about it? Mr. Schwandner junior tells you all about this in the video:

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