Faster, better, longer - the new HSR hay crane with triple extension

This grab can pick up a huge volume of hay

Just in time for Christmas comes a very special Christmas present from HSR. From now on, the HSR Tajfun hay crane will be available with a double extension and also with a sensational new, unbeatable and innovative triple extension. Once again, we are setting new milestones in the hay technology sector and launching another product series onto the market, based on practical experience.

We have adopted the proven concept of the HSR Tajfun hay crane, with internal wiring running inside the crane arm where it is completely protected from external damage, but it has been fully updated and a sensational third extension has been added to the arm. During the summer months, HSR founder, developer and hay technology pioneer Sepp Reindl worked with Danfoss and Tajfun to develop a new hydraulic proportional control unit. As a result, the hay crane can be operated faster and more sensitively than ever.

The HSR hay crane with triple extension demonstrates its enormous range

We also have a special treat and Christmas present for all owners of an existing HSR Tajfun hay crane: we will retrofit the newly developed, top-quality Danfoss control unit in all existing hay cranes completely free of charge before the next harvest. This is our way of thanking our first customers for the confidence they have shown in us by purchasing an HSR Tajfun hay crane.

These improvements will make HSR hay cranes faster and even more powerful. The third extension will enable you to cover larger distances which were previously impossible with ease!

A model of the new series is already in use at our show farm in Fisslthal near Salzburg. You are welcome to take it for an extensive test drive!

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