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Pasture milk business with farm cheese dairy and exhibition service in Southern Styria

A pricture of the farm:
Usable area: 27 ha grassland
Livestock: 24 dairy cows + offspring
Drying system: -HSR 50 SLine
-Vario comfort control
-SR 1000 ventilator 22 kW
-hood suction 570 m²
-4x 75 m² boxes
-hay crane HK 9 SR  equipment

Southern Styria is famous for excellent Austrian wines. In among the many vineyards lies the Fischer' cheese dairy and farm, with its 24 dairy cows and their offspring. We are able to feed our dairy cows on hay from our 27 ha of grassland.
For this purpose we have constructed a new hay drying plant, for in my opinion hay is the healthiest animal feed for cows. Its high energy content of 5.81 MJ NEL, its high protein content and the major intake as staple food allow me to save a fair amount on concentrated feed.
The smell of the drying hay enchants everyone in the village and I am very glad that I took the decision to convert to hay, for the quality of the hay and the large proportion of aromatic herbs make my milk and cheese into something special in the region.

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