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First cut at the HSR show farm with the new HX drying system

Long periods of bad weather during the first cut are not uncommon for us here in Salzburg. This makes timing the hay working all the more difficult – at least if an HSR hay drying system is not being used. This was demonstrated once again at the HSR show farm with the first cut of this year. Despite the bad weather, a 14-hectare area was cut on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Already only one day later, on Saturday, the still damp drying matter with the plant stems still green and juicy was brought in with a residual moisture content of over 40 %.

From an area of 14 hectares and a yield per hectare of 3.5 tonnes, this gives a drying matter - fresh mass of 49 tonnes. And all this should be dried to a residual moisture content of 13 to 14 %. This means around 450 litres of water must be removed per tonne of drying matter. Therefore, about 22,050 litres of water for 49 tonnes. Using the HSR system, this drying is achieved in around 80 hours during a drying process with a measured peak performance of 284 litres water per hour (at a mere 280-320 m3 / m2 box area airflow through per hour).

These results are sensational for a first cut, which is traditionally the most difficult of the year. That is to say, the plant tries to take up as much water as possible into the stem. The purpose of this is species perpetuation, so that the plant has enough reserves available for broadcasting the seeds. For hay drying, however, clearly more water must be removed at the same moisture content, and the plant releases this more slowly. In subsequent cuts throughout the year, the drying can be up to twice as fast for the same moisture content.

True to the motto “by farmers for farmers”, the Vario control system 2019 series with HX drying, the newest development by the company founder, hay pioneer and farmer Sepp Reindl and his team, is currently undergoing extensive testing at the show farm. With a completely new type of control the control software adjusts continuously and full automatically the power of the air dehumidifier, the fan and the entire drying system during drying according to the data measured by numerous sensors in real time. The results of the adjustments are continuously validated in the course of the process, and independently and intelligently further adjusted so that maximum drying, and maximum water removal can take place.

After completion of the extensive tests and the resulting software optimisation, our customers can be sure that they are not picking up the tab for the development, but that this has already been fully covered by HSR in its own show farm. It is comprehensively developed and tested in practice under real conditions. Only the best-tested drying systems leave our production. We can achieve even better drying success at the same power input, and in doing so can offer even “more power for the farmer”!

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. We are happy to help you during optimisation of all the parameters of your HSR system. We are pleased to share our expertise our customers!

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