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Field report from a direct marketing organisation

Does hay drying pay? This is the question Hans Ramsbacher, the owner of the Hansi Milch hay milk operation asked himself and sent us his answer as an impressive field report. We should now like to let you read his report.

A picture of the farm:
Cultivable area: 36 ha grassland
120 ha mountain pastures
22 ha forest
Livestock: 48 cattle, including 18 dairy cows
Drying system: HSR 80 S-Line dehumidifier
HSR 800/9kW ventilator
S-line touch control system

My name is Hans Ramsbacher and I am a hay milk farmer in Rennweg in Carinthia in Austria with a grassland operation at an altitude of 1,120 m above sea level. In conjunction with the farm, we have our own farm cheese dairy, with direct marketing of milk, yoghurt and cheese.

The high quality of our products has brought us awards on many occasions: 5 gold and 5 silver awards. The cheese area is managed exclusively by my wife, Simone, who also works as a cheese sommelier.

My main responsibility is Simmental cattle breeding and managing the barn activities. I have also bred the most famous show cow in Austria: Simmental cow ALMENA.

A son of the bull Watt WELLCOME with a total breeding value of 138, which was bred on our farm, is currently at the insemination station.

As a master farmer and member of the MILK AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT working group the production of high quality staple food was and is one of my major concerns.

In the first year I have managed to take an important step in optimising my staple food with the professional advice and technology of HSR Heutrocknung Reindl.

The high genetic endowment of our herd is noticeable today in a very flat, consistent persistence and we can keep our cows at a high level for longer. The following State Control Association (LKV) report confirms this.

I am certain that the better staple food results in an increase of approx. 5 litres per cow and day. This means a total increase of 50 litres per day for 10 cows. If this value is calculated for 305 lactation days, this better staple food is producing 15,250 litres more milk per annum.

I am paid about 24 cents per litre of milk free of direct costs, which generates a profit of 3,660 Euros for 10 cows. The amount of electricity consumed by hay drying of 1,980 kWh last year amounts to a scarcely relevant sum of 380 Euros. Thus, the system will be amortised at the end of 7 years.

This calculation has made no allowance for the value of the cows; the better health and therefore longer life of the animals would mean a further increase in profit.

Thank you for your great advice and support.

Yours, Hans Ramsbacher

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We visited the Ramsbachers on their farm to secure a few impressions.

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