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Customer training, fun fair style

Köstendorf, 6 April 2017 | The sun is shining and the first flowers have come into blossom. Over 200 customers and interested guests from Northern Italy to Northern Germany and anywhere in between made their way to Köstendorf to attend HSR Hay Drying’s annual customer training event. After some introductory remarks by Josef Reindl, the company’s founder, owner and innovator, Karl Neuhofer, chair of the Austrian Pasture Milk Consortium, took to the stage. His insights into the marketing of pasture milk products and his outlook on future opportunities for pasture milk farmers suggest that there are very bright days ahead. We are delighted that he himself has been so successful with his hay drying system by HSR Hay Drying and wish him all the best for this coming haymaking season.

After Karl Neuhofer, we welcomed his German colleague Markus Fischer, chair of the German Pasture Milk Consortium, as our next speaker. He also talked about his own farm, where he operates a hay drying system by HSR Hay Drying (for a comprehensive report on Markus Fischer’s business please visit – in German).

Following these presentations by practitioners, the many guests were able to enjoy a detailed product demonstration of numerous HAYlights among our hay driers, ventilators, PLC controls, on-board computers and hay cranes. Josef Reindl then shared a great deal of tips and tricks from his many years of farming experience during the final presentation for the day on hay harvesting.

After lunch, farmers were invited to Josef Reindl’s family farm and production facilities in 5211 Lengau, which served as demonstration business and allowed them to experience modern hay drying and the outstanding feed quality it produces live and first-hand. The 700 m² exhibition space gave visitors an opportunity to peek inside dryers, inspect the hay crane including its cab, and receive extensive consultation by our representatives.

All in all a very successful start into a great haymaking season. We would like to thank all who attended and wish all farmers the best of success for their first cut.

If you are interested in attending the annual customer training event, please send an email with “2019 customer training” in the subject line to, and we will let you know as soon as we have set the next date.

All the best, Your HSR Day Drying

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