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Carinthian organic direct marketing business is based on hay drying

A pricture of the farm:
Cultivable area: 24 ha grassland
Livestock: 18 dairy cows
Drying system: HSR 30 Vario dehumidifier
HSR 710/11kW ventilator
12" Vario touch control system

We farm full-time an organic pasture milk operation with 18 dairy cows in the Rosental valley in Carinthia. We have committed ourselves to breeding Jersey cattle and farm 24 hectares of grassland. By drying our hay we guarantee silage-free feed all year round and this lets us produce best quality dairy products. In 2011 we started direct marketing of organic pasture milk and in our milk-mobile we deliver the bottles of milk and other products right to our customers' front door.

We regularly deliver our pasture milk products, which win prizes ever year, to some 200 private customers and selected hotels and restaurants.

As well as raw milk, we produce curd cheese, natural and fruit yoghurt and butter and sell our products in a subscription system.

"We believe that our farm's survival strategy lies not in growth, but in innovation and direct contact with the customers. Our pasture milk and the hay drying, on which it relies, create the ideal conditions for us."

At this time when milk prices are (too) low it is very important to rethink milk production. We see great potential for development and cost-savings especially in forage performance  and in the constant improvement of the quality of forage (e.g. reseeding with amelioration seed, composting manure, protecting the grass by laying radial swathes, condensation drying).

In order to guarantee good forage quality, we decided to install a hay drying system from HSR Heutrocknung SR. This system is a cost-effective addition to the farm and the efficiency of the hay drying make it possible to bring the hay in rapidly to be dried. The fast, but gently drying allows us to target feed qualities, which are indispensable to guarantee the high level of quality of our products. This way of preserving forage by hay-making is one of the most traditional methods and is the cornerstone for the healthy nutrition of our animals.

Together with our parents and parents-in-law as well as our Aunt Bali, we farm our organic pasture milk farm in Fellersdorf/Bilnjovs in the commune of Ludmannsdorf/Bilčovs in South Carinthia. The key factor for the success of our farm is the family solidarity and team spirit. We all stand together behind our farm and the products we produce.

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We visited the Kumer organic pasture milk farm, in order to obtain a few impressions.

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