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Come and see our products operating on a working farm, see the advantages and extraordinary quality of the dried products for yourself, and find out all the important information about our farming solutions. 

To give you a better understanding of the development of hay drying systems and the possibilities they offer, we have established a showroom at the Bartlbauer Hof in Fißlthal.

The “Bartlbauer” himself is Sepp Reindl, owner of Heutrocknung SR GmbH, a full-blooded farmer who was consumed by the desire to improve hay drying systems in terms of electricity consumption, cost effectiveness and quality. He introduced the first hay drying systems onto the market in 2009 after an 8-year test phase on his own farm.

Demonstrating the possibilities offered by a modern and powerful hay drying system is of great importance to us. We therefore use our showroom to showcase the very latest technical developments in hay drying - up close and personal and in actual use.
Our aim is not to create artificial laboratory conditions divorced from reality, because this would not reflect the problems and processes which actually occur during use. The great success of the Bartlbauer Hof is being able to see how our hay drying works and how it is put to use in real life.

The showroom and test centre provides an additional benefit: all of our new developments undergo rigorous tests at our showroom before being released onto the market. This ensures that only systems that have been optimally tested and fully developed make it into our product portfolio. In our view this is a hallmark of the highest quality standards when new products are not first tested with the customer.

A new catalogue and a video with numerous references document the success story of Heutrocknung SR: Meanwhile, there is a range of refrigeration designs in left and right versions, and 189 system types. Our systems are used for a wide-range of drying applications on small farms of three hectares to large-scale operations of over 1000 ha.

This path to success was continued further with the development of the cranes. The prototypes from every HSR hay crane series have been put to the acid test and improved on the show farm in Strasswalchen. Our HSR hay cranes are only introduced to the market after this extensive test and further development phase.

This procedure proves that our systems - both the HSR drying systems and the HSR hay cranes - are coming straight from the field and have been developed for practical applications. Just like our motto: “From farmer to farmer”.

Convince yourself too of the extraordinary performance and excellent functionality of our systems and come and visit us. Contact us for further information, we are happy to advise you. Our sales representatives are pleased to be of assistance.


Usage area: 59 ha meadows
Cattle inventory: 60 milk cows+ 70 calves (male + female)
Drying system: SR100 Vario 50 kW Air dehumidifier
SR1250 / 55 kW Ventilator
Vario Comfort unit
Hay crane: HSR Tajfun with triple extension, closed comfort cab and fully equipped
Special features: Presentation room next to the hay drying and over the milk robot.
Transparent and walk-in hay drying boxes and drying rooms.


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How to find us

You would like to pay us a visit? We would request you to contact our head office in Lengau (Gewerbestraße 25), since our exhibition service is not manned full-time. Once you have made contact, we will be delighted to accompany you to the exhibition service in Fißlthal near Straßwalchen, which is only a few minutes from our head office.

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