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Demonstration facility

Experience our products live in action

See their benefits and the outstanding quality of the resulting drying products for yourself.

We have built a demonstration facility at the Bartlbauer farm in the Fisslthal valley so you can experience the development and opportunities of hay drying systems first-hand. Bartlbauer manager Sepp Reindl trialled the system on his own farm for eight years before launching the first hay drying systems on the market in 2009.

We want to share the opportunities offered by a modern, efficient hay drying system with you and will therefore continually showcase the latest technological developments in hay drying with you on his farm, up close and in real time.

The conditions you see there are real – this is not an artificial laboratory environment. What you see there is our hay drying process live in action, how it works and how it is applied in real, everyday farming practice.

Additional advantages of the demonstration facility:

  • It allows new developments to be thoroughly tested.
  • Only optimised, mature systems are included in our product portfolio.
  • This is where every new HSR hay crane series is tested and optimised.

We believe that it is a clear indication of highest quality standards if new products are tried and tested well before they are installed by customers.

A new catalogue and a video with numerous customer testimonials document the success story of Heutrocknung SR:
Our systems are used for a wide range of drying applications on small three-hectare farms all the way through to large-scale operations of over 1000 ha.

This approach proves that our systems – both the HSR drying systems and the HSR hay cranes – are developed straight from farming practice for farming practice. Just like our motto says:

“From farmer to farmer”.

Experience our systems’ extraordinary performance and excellent functionality first-hand. Contact us for further information. We are happy to advise you. Our sales representatives look forward to assisting you.


Usage area: 59 ha meadows
Cattle inventory: 60 milk cows+ 70 calves (male + female)
Drying system: SR100 Vario 50 kW Air dehumidifier
SR1250 / 55 kW Ventilator
Vario Comfort unit
Hay crane: HSR Tajfun with triple extension, closed comfort cab and fully equipped
Special features: Presentation room next to the hay drying and over the milk robot.
Transparent and walk-in hay drying boxes and drying rooms.


How to find us

You would like to pay us a visit? We would request you to contact our head office in Lengau (Gewerbestraße 25), since our exhibition service is not manned full-time. Once you have made contact, we will be delighted to accompany you to the exhibition service in Fißlthal near Straßwalchen, which is only a few minutes from our head office.

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