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Josef Reindl Senior - a pioneer of mechanical drying - has been involved in the field since the seventies.  He achieved his first successes with cold ventilation using a flat grill and a drawing shaft which was pulled upwards while the straw was brought in. Even though the ventilation performance was weak by all means, good drying results were attained - even then! 


1982 – Rebuilding the storage shed with the overhead crane that still remains today because the re-use of the drawing shafts was no longer possible, which is why the existing ventilators were placed in front of a gable grill system. 

1988 – Farm is transferred to Josef Reindl Junior: The operation is resolutely developed further. The cold ventilation had become too small for purpose, so a 15 kW Buchmann ventilator was introduced and a flat grill floor installed.

1995 – Austria joins the EU: many smaller farms in the neighbourhood stop their operations; the operational area and animal inventory is expanded. 

1998 – Stanchion barn is converted to an enclosure where cows could move more freely. The milk yield could be increased from 5,500 kg to 6,000 kg of milk. Then Mr Josef Reindl decides to make an investment to improve the basic feed. 

1999 -The hay drying area is converted to three ventilation boxes, each 440 m² in size, a 22 kW ventilator and an oil oven are installed. The drying results are better, but not optimal.

A solar hood suction is integrated in the system over the hay drying hall. During this time, Josef Reindl starts experimenting with the first air dehumidifier- heating pumps. 

2002 – Commercial activities start: sale of agricultural machinery and hay drying systems, consultancy and planning support. 

2004 – Expansion of hay drying and installation of heating pumps manufactured by various producers. 

2009/2010 – Founding of Heutrocknung SR/ conversion of company status to Heutrocknung SR GmbH, with the objective of passing on long years of experience in the drying sector and to provide practical solutions for colleagues in agriculture. The yield increases at his own farm, increasing the stable average from 5,500 kg to 8,500 kg as well as the delivery quantity from 66,000 kg to in excess of 400,000 kg, mainly achieved through the significant improvement of the basic feed (6.8 NEL and 160 Rp). Our motto is particularly relevant here: 

"By farmers - for farmers"

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