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Heutrocknung SR GmbH's story starts with the farmer Josef Reindl, who tested and developed air dehumidifers on his own farm for eight years. 

In 2009 the time was right: Reindl founded his company Heutrocknung SR, in order to make the success attained with his hay drying systems available to other farmers. The immense interest in his product surpassed his highest expectations, and he expanded his team. 

Scientific institutions such as the Raumberg-Gumpenstein Research Institute confirm the advantages of air dehumdifying technology. After only three years - in the summer of 2012 - our systems are in operation from the Baltic sea to Mallorca.

Due to expansion, the limited company became Heutrocknung SR GmbH in 2010. It has been and will always be our aim to supply the right hay drying system for every single agricultural business. This is the reason we extend our range year on year. 

Comfort control constitutes a massive and important jump in development. In accordance with our motto "By farmers - for farmers", the control unit allows the simplification and improvement of the drying process in the farmer's daily work, allows a lower dimension in power supply and therefore requires less electricity. 


Our company history and continuous technical development of our systems display an on-going parallel expressed in our mission statement:

Hay-drying is a skilled art of achieving maximum drying success with as little electricity consumption as possible!


Heutrocknung SR GmbH- Timeline


  • Sole proprietorship is founded
  • PLC control introduced into hay drying


  • Preparing a research plant for HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein
  • Conversion to GmbH
  • Vario design with frequency converter


  • First customer training for hay drying sector - sole supplier
  • Expansion of team
  • New elite version - operation
  • Entry into herb drying
  • Evaporator and condensers developed in-house


  • New sales management
  • Bartlbauer Farm converted into a show farm
  • Introduction of compact series
  • Entry into hop drying
  • New SPS controlling with touch display


  • Start of cooperation with a partner in Switzerland
  • Market launch of the compact series


  • Agri-Manu becomes our sales/distribution partner in France.
  • Further development and expansion of Varioline dehydrator series
  • New development of SR hay crane
  • Market launch of a low-cost S-Line dehumidifier series


  • New development of S-Line dehydrator series
  • There are already over 500 drying systems in operation
  • Start of construction of a new production and administration centre in Lengau
  • Integrated computer (PLC) as standard equipment in all driers


  • Installation of a machinery exhibition on over 700 m2
  • We move into the new production and administration centre in Lengau
  • Sales team in France starts work
  • Increase in the number of employees
  • A completely new on-board computer is developed
  • The new Compact Tower sets new standards in the compact systems
  • Revolutionary hay crane HSR Tajfun generates enthusiasm
  • Successful leap over the Atlantic
  • HSR winner at the Hay Championships
  • Expansion of the Vario series with 30 % improved performance


  • A new metalworking shop is being built at the Lengau site
  • Super Vario World anniversary series
  • Consolidation of drying and refrigeration technology control
  • HSR’s 10th company anniversary
  • Addition of forestry cranes to the product range



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